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About RoboMaster

The RoboMaster program is a platform for robotic competitions and academic exchange founded by Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) and specially designed for global technology enthusiasts. Since its establishment in 2013, RoboMaster has been committed to cultivating young engineering talents and showcasing the possibilities of technological innovation to audiences around the globe.


At present, it has developed into three major competition series: the RoboMaster University Series for university students, the RoboMaster Youth Championship for K12 students, and the RoboMaster Open Tournament for the general public. Among them, the RoboMaster University Series has been expanding its influence year by year, attracting more than 400 colleges and universities around the world to participate annually and nurturing the engineering talents of over 35,000 young learners. RoboMaster has also continued to develop various training and laboratory co-construction programs with hundreds of colleges and universities.


RMUL in North America

Three days of tensive matches
19 June 2021

Across the entire North American region, there are over 20 Universities have been participating in the RoboMaster Competitions, and the number of participants keeps raising. RMUL, the RoboMaster University League is the regional competition of the RoboMaster Series. After two years of preparation, North America is now ready for its very first University League in June 2021. 

The COVID-19 pandemic gave tremendous pressure and difficulties to the RoboMaster teams in our North American community. However, it has never put off the enthusiasm and passion of robotics from the teams. All the efforts and adherence will be eventually awarded. 

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Teams of 2022 Season

Texas A&M University, USA
Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
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Virginia Tech, USA
McMaster University, Canada
New York University, USA
University of Washington, USA
University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Purdue University, USA
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University of California San Diego, USA
University of Alberta, Canada

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