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The Online Assessment of RMUC 2021 is now open for registration.

The registration for the online assessment of RMUC 2021 will be opened from now until 18:00 on June 24 China Time. Each participating team can change team information, personal information, increase or decrease team members and change positions during the open period. Please read the following precautions carefully:

1.During the system opening period, all information can be modified repeatedly, and all changes take effect immediately, without the need to save separately. The information will be automatically locked after the system opening time is over

2.[Do not modify] The determined school name and team name, otherwise it may cause abnormal entry data, material discounts and gifts, etc. permissions will be affected, and the team must be responsible for the impact.

3.After the captain has edited all the team information and confirmed the personnel changes, click "Submit" to confirm the submission and lock. This button [at most] can only be clicked once. After submission, the system will be locked and cannot be modified again

4.The captain should remind the registered personnel in the registration system to log in to the registration system and edit and update the "mailbox" in the basic personal information to ensure that it is a valid address to prevent the subsequent failure to receive important information emails from the organizing committee in time.

The registration system is open for the [last time] before the online assessment. The RMOC will make and issue honor certificates based on the confirmed information submitted this time. During this period, each participating team has [have one and only one opportunity to submit]. Once the submit button is clicked or the final time has passed, the information will be completely locked and [cannot be modified again]. Each team leader must confirm that the information is complete and correct.


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